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Free Meals

All Jack in the Box restaurant employees may receive one free meal per shift. The meal allowance is determined by the meal’s value, and it must not exceed $9.00. Soft drinks, coffee, and iced tea are free and should not be rung up on the POS system.

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How We Interact

A variety of opportunities exist to help employees come together and connect, learn about what’s happening in the business, celebrate accomplishments, and just have a little fun.

These include digital communication tools as well as a variety of forums where announcements and updates are shared.

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Diversity & Inclusion

As an organization and as individuals, we value the varied experiences and perspectives of people, and commit ourselves to continuously promote a better understanding and appreciation of each other.

This commitment makes our company stronger through new and different thoughts and ideas.

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The Spirit Team

The Spirit Team helps foster our company culture by finding unique and creative ways to bring employees together.

Spirit team events and activities are intended to foster an enjoyable team-oriented workplace, increase morale, and allow employees to interact with people they would not normally work with.

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Jack in the Box Foundation

Jack in the Box is dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities in which our employees, franchisees and guests work and live. One way that we give back is through the Jack in the Box Foundation.

Established in 1998, the Jack in the Box Foundation is a nonprofit organization that primarily supports causes that help at-risk children and youth.

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Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are employees who give back to the community by participating in our official Brand Ambassador volunteer activities, which range from serving meals to seniors to refurbishing homes for disabled veterans, to mentoring students.

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Jack in the Box Inc. ("Jack") permits INSURERS to offer its employees certain voluntary insurance programs. Whether you choose to enroll in any of these programs is completely optional and voluntary. JACK does not make a contribution towards the cost of these programs and employees pay the full cost of premiums on an after-tax basis. Jack in the Box does not sponsor, maintain, endorse, recommend, or promote these voluntary programs. JACK'sinvolvement regarding these voluntary insurance programs is strictly limited to allowing the insurer access to employees to publicize these programs and JACK may perform certain ministerial functions such as payroll deduction and forwarding employee premium payments to the insurer. JACK does not receive any consideration in the form of cash or otherwise in connection with the program, other than reasonable compensation, excluding any profit, for administrative services actually rendered in connection with payroll deductions. Accordingly, these voluntary insurance programs are not subject to ERISA and related regulations. All questions or claims regarding these programs should be directed to the insurer.

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