Pay & Recognition

Base Pay

Base pay is what you are paid for your regular work day. The amount is determined by the competitive market pay for your job, and your individual performance, skills and experience.

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We provide short-term cash incentives to all corporate and field restaurant management positions. Each plan reinforces and rewards for achievement of specific company and/or restaurant business goals.

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Stock Awards

We grant awards of restricted stock units (RSUs) to vice-president and director positions, typically on an annual basis, to reward for their contributions to the long-term success of the company.

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Allowances & Reimbursements

We provide technology allowances and/or vehicle reimbursements to employees whose positions require the use of their personal communications devices and/or vehicles to perform their job.

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Rewards & Recognition

Our recognition programs recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate employees who excel in what they do.

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Jack in the Box Inc. ("Jack") permits INSURERS to offer its employees certain voluntary insurance programs. Whether you choose to enroll in any of these programs is completely optional and voluntary. JACK does not make a contribution towards the cost of these programs and employees pay the full cost of premiums on an after-tax basis. Jack in the Box does not sponsor, maintain, endorse, recommend, or promote these voluntary programs. JACK'sinvolvement regarding these voluntary insurance programs is strictly limited to allowing the insurer access to employees to publicize these programs and JACK may perform certain ministerial functions such as payroll deduction and forwarding employee premium payments to the insurer. JACK does not receive any consideration in the form of cash or otherwise in connection with the program, other than reasonable compensation, excluding any profit, for administrative services actually rendered in connection with payroll deductions. Accordingly, these voluntary insurance programs are not subject to ERISA and related regulations. All questions or claims regarding these programs should be directed to the insurer.

In the event of any conflict between the content contained herein and the Summary Plan Description (SPD), the provisions of the Summary Plan Description (SPD) shall prevail.
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